Re-Volt Add-On Documentation

This is the documentation for Marv's Add-On for Re-Volt files.
It is intended to be used with Blender 2.79.

Download (rva_17.1112)


Resources (Animations, textures, etc.)


A list of currently supported features and what's to come.

A guide for the installation of the add-on.

Tools Panel:
The panel located on the left hand side of the 3D view.
Open/Close the tools panel using T.
The following panels are located in the Re-Volt tab. Its contents depend on the edit mode.
Some panels are collapsed by default. They can be expanded by clicking on the triangle on the left side of their header.

Import/Export (Object Mode)
    Buttons for importing and exporting files.

Light (Object Mode)
    Tools for shading cars and generating shadow textures.

Add-On Settings (Object Mode)
    Settings regarding the import, export and ui.

Face Properties (Edit Mode)
    Face/Polygon properties for PRM, W and NCP meshes.

Vertex Colors (Edit Mode)
    An easy tool for vertex painting.

Texture Animation (Edit Mode)
    A panel for editing texture animations of .w files.


Object Properties
    Re-Volt object properties found in the Properties editor.

Scene Properties
    Re-Volt scene (.w) properties.

Import and Export
Read how the add-on handles import and export (advanced).

Re-Volt File Structure
Overview of Re-Volt's binary files and their structure (advanced).

Known Issues

UV Unwrap Reset broken
Not an issue with this add-on directly, however, there is a bug in Blender that is caused by a feature used by the add-on. I reported this bug and it has recently been fixed. The fix sadly didn't make it into 2.79 yet. To obtain a version with the fix included, download Blender from

Only one BigCube
Only one sphere (BigCube) is written around the entire level. This shouldn't impact performance too much, a fix should come eventually. WorldCut can be used to achieve better performance in-game.